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Charges of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) are somewhat serious, and convictions may carry long-term, lifetime effects.  Not only can you be sentenced to jail on a DUI charge, but you may also face substantial fines and court fees, and be required to attend and complete chemical dependency counseling at your own expense.  Further, suspension of driver’s license is a typical outcome to a DUI conviction, which will limit your ability to operate a motor vehicle.  Auto insurance rates may be increased, or insurance may be dropped entirely.  Second, Third, or Fourth Offenses carry even greater punishments and costs.

Experienced DUI Attorney

Robert J. Quinn has fifteen years experience working as a criminal defense attorney, and has a vast amount of experience providing clients with a defense to DUI charges.  When Robert agrees to take your DUI case, he first reviews the charging documents, and then obtains and reviews all of the prosecution's evidence. He will analyze the case thoroughly to find any weaknesses, and then he will begin building your defense. We strive to keep you fully informed of all important developments and issues in your case.

As a citizen of the United States and as a resident or visitor of the State of Montana, you have certain rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution as well as the Montana Constitution. Under the Montana Constitution, you have an explicit right to privacy as well as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures via the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 11 of the Montana Constitution. Citizens in the State of Montana benefit from heightened privacy protections not enjoyed in most other States and these principles apply to Montana DUI arrests. Robert will scrutinize your case for constitutional violations and ensure that law enforcement respected your rights during your traffic stop. Montana DUI and criminal cases can often be resolved in favor of the defendant by establishing that the police violated a person’s constitutional rights.

Contact Your DUI Lawyer

Before you simply plead guilty to DUI or other criminal charge, you really should have an attorney with substantial criminal defense experience review the case to see what can be done. Our experience shows that some criminal charges are not legally-supportable, and are subject for dismissal, while others may be amended to lesser offenses.  Before simply pleading guilty and merely accepting the criminal charges against you, call us for a free, no obligation consultation.  We handle all our DUI and criminal cases professionally, fairly, and aggressively. Give us a call; we can be reached at (406) 586-5956, or send us an email at robert@quinnlawmt.com