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Construction Law cases are grounded upon general legal principles and contract law.  These cases incorporate a specific framework including security of payment, planning, environmental and building regulations, and contract methodologies.  Other issues may include alternative forms of contracting, subcontractor issues, various causes of action, liens, and tort liability or negligence.  Construction Law cases are fact-driven, and can be complex in nature.  An experienced attorney such as Robert J. Quinn can be a real asset in resolving any construction disputes you may encounter.

Given the complexities and vagaries of the construction process, and the many business relationships that are involved in construction projects, it is common to have problems.  Our mission is to solve client problems and, when necessary, guide our clients through these disputes as successfully, productively and cost effectively as possible.

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No matter who you are, whether a general contractor, construction manager, designer, subcontractor, supplier, owner, architect, or engineer, let us help.  In connection with your construction-related legal matters, Robert can provide advice and counsel to head off problems before they get started.  Services include review and negotiation of contracts, analyzing, preparing, prosecuting, and defending contract claims, mediation of disputes, and if all else fails, litigation at both the trial court and appellate court levels.

What are you waiting for? For a free, no obligation consultation, call us at (406) 586-5956 or send us an email at robert@quinnlawmt.com