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Attorney Robert J. Quinn represents people going through the frequently difficult and traumatic process of divorce and child custody determination.  As a client, you will benefit from Robert’s dedication to bringing family law cases to a favorable conclusion through skillful negotiation tactics and/or trial.

Although people generally use the terms “child custody” and “divorce” to describe their family law issues, Montana law uses the terms “parenting” and “dissolution of marriage” and the law’s terminology can often add confusion to the family law litigant. Individuals dealing with family law issues often arrive in our office under a great deal of stress. The client’s stress is often exacerbated by feelings of heartache, pain, despair, and fear of the unknown.

Robert and his team is here to provide you with a helping hand as your case winds its way through Montana’s judicial system. Robert will represent your interests in drafting and negotiating parenting plans in child custody cases, drafting and negotiating property settlements in dissolution of marriage proceedings (divorce proceedings), negotiation of the division of retirement proceeds, protective order proceedings (restraining order proceedings), mediations, trials and many more family law issues.

Robert realizes that the vast majority of clients dealing with family law issues have little or no prior experience with the Montana judicial system. Consequently, he understands the additional stress to endure when dealing with the Montana court system and he is committed to helping you through the process and serving as a strong advocate who is on your side.

What are you waiting for? For a free, no obligation consultation, call us at (406) 586-5956 or send us an email at robert@quinnlawmt.com 

Estates & Probates

You might be thinking about preparing for the one's you leave behind, or have recently lost a loved one that left you with an estate to manage and wrap up. No matter at what stage you are in in life, Robert will listen to your needs and help you prepare for your specific situation.

Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys and the process of Probate are all very personal and important decisions. We are here to help you with complicated issues that can arise and to be at your side when things get overwhelming.

Montana has adopted the Uniform Probate Code (UPC) that makes wrapping up a decedents affairs a simpler process, no matter if that person died with or without a Will.
But how do you know if you actually need to go through Probate or not? Give us a call, and we will give you a no obligation consultation, call us at (406) 586-5956.

Probate generally occurs when the decedent has estate assets (property solely owned by the deceased on the date of his death). The individual is no longer around to transfer this property and the probate process appoints an individual to be the Personal Representative to handle the decedents affairs. The probate process also informs creditors and the proper distribution of assets. Will or no Will, Robert will make sure the proper path is taken to administer the estate.